[Mining] - Mining Instruction with ship Tai'kin -

As one of the best maneuverable ship in star conflict. Tai’kin especially did well in open space mining.


This guide is going to tell you some tips when mining with taikin and how to equip taikin as a miner


- Basic -

Find an asteroid in open space first. 


use your main weapon to shoot it at a rate of 1 shot per sec. Don’t be too fast or It will overheat and then explode



(This is the normal color)

after 16-20 shot, the mining is successed.As Great Extraction level, the asteroid turns into 4 ores and a container of mole component.




It is easy, but we want to be more effective.

- Skills -

1. To find more asteroid effectively. We should learn to use ‘Ship status(hold)’ key (hold ‘v’) .


In Ship status mode, all the things in your visibility range will be shown on your HUD with their information and lead marker(If it is a ship).


You can find asteroids easily in this method.





As an recon, Taikin has the highest sensor range, that means It can ‘see’ most parts of a map.




Hold ‘v’ to show this mode seems tired. You can also bind the ’ Ship status’ key to make a switch of your HUD mode




2.Fire rate when mining asteroids.


As we said in Basic part, we better shoot at asteroids for 1 time per second. Too fast will caused explode. Too slow or not stable will get less reward.


This is because the heat of asteroids now only affect by damage rate. And the higher heat rate when its being extract. The better extraction level it will be.


The number of ores is related to the extraction level, from 2 - 5 per asteroid, the fifth one need you get the highest level ‘Great extraction’ and during the ‘Asteroid conqueror’ event it turns into a Mole ship component.


So It is recommend to use weapons of 60 - 80 rpm to control the heat rate. 


Tai’kin usally choose shrapnal cannon as the weapon, it’s 80 rpm firing speed lets you easier to control the heat rate with out any seed-chips or modifier.




_3._Did you noticed that asteroids has many type? the ores too.


Ore , the basic ore type, contains normal minerals or some credits with a low chance to get rare resources such as monocrystals and iridiums.

Mineral ore , from mineral asteroid or rich mineral asteroid, contains the only minerals which depends on the type of asteroid.

Rich ore , from most of asteroid in high extraction level, contains normal minerals or more credits and has a higher chance to get rare resources.

The golden Rich ore , from the golden type of Rich asteroid, contains rare products or just lots of credits only.


So, to get more earning, the first aim is the two types of Rich asteroid. They will provide more rare resources and credits than any of other asteroids


image.png.62d46490a21a3d9df95409e0203bc251.png 1664495881_52JDGI2G(3FKC_K34POU.png.2d918cc215b2e551955bd87fc98320f5.png


4.We better have more than 8 cargo slots to take all the resources, Taikin has an additional cargo of 2 (5 in total). but it is better to equip at least one extended hull.

image.png.6a565d433cbfb20b5faaf416fc9f5cf1.png image.png.7c764132a31dd380aa2acfbae9bb45a6.png


5.Ellydium acceleration engine can improve the deceleration of Taikin, make it easier to control. This would improve your efficiency when prepare mining and collect resources.




You will find Taikin with this modifier is the BEST ship to fly as miner(


- Equipment -

This is how I equip my Taikin as a miner




(Jump drive ver.)



(Jump crystal ver.)