Metastrafe Cyning


gif by endeav, mah nibba

Whalecome to my Metastrafe Cyning build


The idea actually came from Taikin and what made it OP in game mechanics sense (aside from the very obvious broken autoaim crap), that’s how i came to the hull hitbox idea as a way to freshen up the good ol’ cy. Taikin was difficult mainly because its small size, heals and maneuverability + the firepower so I tried to recreate that in a similar fashion.




Mods from left to right: [Inertial Stabilizer 17][Tetroxide Injector 17][Inertial Stabilizer 17] - [Voltage Regulator 17] - [Crystal Plates 17][Reactive Armor 17][Regenerative Coating 17] - [‘Duelist’ protocol 17][Electronic Guidance 17] and [Scatter Gun 17][‘Supernova’ Deflector 17][Small missiles 17][Microwarp engine][Inhibitor crystal 17][Phase Modulator 17][Hull restoration system 17][IR Flares 17].


The build has no shield slots because I wanted to utilize the hull hitbox once the shields are gone making it difficult to hit without proper projectile speed, The ship itself is an empire recon so the shield volume is not that good to begin with anyway. Basically the fun starts when you lose your shields, the game’s autoaim feature kinda can’t keep up.


Few pointers on the other aspects of the build: 

  • [Inertial Stabilizer 17] is the only mod that enhances the strafing acceleration and top strafe speed while the [Tetroxide Injector 17] only enhances the acceleration meant for just going forward, why it is like that - IDK  now it accelerates in any direction  but still there is no stat showing how fast you accelerate while strafing as if the strafe and straight ahead acceleration are 2 different things, same goes for speed stats

  • [Voltage Regulator 17] is a must have on the Cyning in this case because it’s tied to [Regenerative Coating 17] and energy usage in general, you can regenerate the 100% of shown values in stats only at 100% energy cap

  • [‘Duelist’ protocol 17] is a godsend mod making my old idea of this build with mostly crit based damage into an alpha based damage dealer (it means more damage per shot) and the [Electronic Guidance 17] grants that extra spread reduction (one can opt for [Spatial scanner 17] as a lazy version of [Infrared Scanner 17] with just 9% crit chance instead of 10,5% both good for OS and other modes alike)

screenshot-180517-150948.jpg.9eb44b3a83bc4818db6544f9b2f3201e.jpg screenshot-180517-150952.jpg.17aa025c82bb68e122042abb4128266e.jpg

-the weapon of choice is the awful [Scatter Gun 17] with [‘Supernova’ Deflector 17] ammo and [Small missiles 17], the reason why nobody likes the weapon is because of the insane spread in most cases and weird kiting capabilities


-as for the actives, well, they also have a godsend mod called [Hull restoration system 17] and when you combine it with [Phase Modulator 17] you get a heal combo that makes you invisible and heals you to almost full health in cca 5sec and you’re ready to continue the fight giving you a fair share of an advantage every 14s to heal and 24s to both hide and heal

- [Inhibitor crystal 17] is primarily used as a slow effect and as a gank tactic for the unaware enemies focused on your ally

  • [IR Flares 17] and [Hull restoration system 17] are Multipurpose modules that trigger the crew implant 8b making you able to counter slows of any kind at least twice in a 14s window (*laughs in tackler and guard*) and the [Microwarp engine] can be used both as an exit and inyoface tactic.




This setup is what i use most of the time, for me, the 2c is important for the spread reduce, 4b never-missing missiles, 5b do you even strafe bro, 6b extra crit damage because why not, 7b to be energy stable, 8b for those pesky slows, 9a more tank per regen, 10a/13a faster cd, 11b/12a/15a for more damage output and 14 is optional.




These are the base stats of the build, when you add the crew bonus of +12 resists on everything per lock-on and +8 resists on hull per enemy hit, in the most basic scenario (1v1) you get instantly 20+ resists on hull resulting in well over 50% resistances on kinetic and EM (i don’t think lazors can keep up but you still have resistances there for that focusing bs).


I went with 435m/s because it felt as the best speed to control the inhibitor bubble and the 2 strafe mods are there to make hitting you pretty difficult. The lvl4 and 8 bonuses i used are strafe increase and EM controls.


I honestly can’t remember every detail atm but feel free to ask me about things you thought i missed


As for the gameplay, the way i fly it is simple but takes a while to get a grip on, after that it’s smooth sailing. The scatter gun is used as a close up shotgun that can deal 3,5k hits on the tankiest of guards, and up to 6.1k shots on regular ships that don’t have actives based on having more resistances and modifiers for resistances as well. I use the inhibitor to slow the target, smash it with the scatter and then trigger the inhibitor explosion at the same time, followed with a highly agile missile.


In my opinion, the build can be used for any mode without any need of swapping modules, it’s an all-purpose meta and with the regen capabilities you save up on actives until you really need them or their effects. One can use the idea behind this build and construct the ultimate damage dealer or whatever but after flying this build for a long time i believe this is the ultimate optimum this meta can produce.


Move like an [Object NY18], sting like a [Thar’kth cannon 17] lol


recent random highscores



let’s not forget OS lol




Before the buffs and new mods and jut simple crit damage, the most i could pull off in one go (life) in OS





19 minutes ago, ORCA1911 said:


lol! typical! either way, neat design

Thanks, it’s an odd design so i came prepared for hate lol

I love how you put some flame in here to prove its power! xD

hahaha it’s kinda TM of this game xd flamin’

IMO, since you have hull resto system, regenerative coating is not necessary, but even I used it back then when it regenerated only 50/s.
Lack of emergency barrier is disturbing with all that front blasters around.
Flares for snare removal is again not necessary since you can just hide. I can’t go on any recon without microlocator, in your case spy drone would work better to cut off healing.


Just my $.02. If it works wonders for you, it’s fine, everyone has his/her preferences.

I have been thinking of that too tbh, regen with resto system seemed like regen overkill but then again i just prefer to not activate the repairs if i can regen it passively but it can be played with a whole lot of hull points too, i forgot to mention that. The EB is not necessary if u cant get hit lol.


The flares are good for anti missile partying and snare deny but combined with the crew and resto system active AND cloak you can’t be caught and leaves you with enough options to see if you’re getting yourself in too much trouble and if you should gtfo real fast.


Microlocator and spy drones are something i keep forgetting but in the end it’s just good if you keep getting op tackler players, otherwise i stick with the inhibitor, massive explosion radius decloaks them easily.

The build itself can be changed however one may like, idk if it would work tho as mine but its worth a try ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”) .

He speedy

10 hours ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

He speedy

He protec xd

But thb, these are not hard to get:


image.png.77b27b924312375a252f83bec3e74245.png image.png.b48f8bc80b2cc931cc7c7fa66fc266fa.png

Its not really a proof of skill or combat power, since everyone gets 'em! xD


You only need to kill some genius, who consider themselves superior and… 1 minute later: “Your account was reported for aimbot”


Oh yeah by the way, when do we get our deserved Object Ny 18 nerf? I’m growing rather tired of playing star conflict without active modules and no afterburners…

Also Wl 13-El Emitter needs some serious adjustments… i mean it basically makes intys immortal… give me a break…

I agree with that. Wl 13-El  shouldnt have a tracking ability imo. About the Object: try to use 7c in the meantime. It helps a lot ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

36 minutes ago, Flash0914 said:

Oh yeah by the way, when do we get our deserved Object Ny 18 nerf? I’m growing rather tired of playing star conflict without active modules and no afterburners…

please devs, seriously, reduce the range of the energy system destabilizer to 2000m, reduce the duration, and let other energy generation systems work anyways, just so that we can stop having this dance, I hate this damn argument!

14 hours ago, Scar6 said:

But thb, these are not hard to get:

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Its not really a proof of skill or combat power, since everyone gets 'em! xD


I always knew that you use CoD aimbots in SC /s


[@ORCA1911](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/254263-orca1911/)

 have you tried using slowing missiles instead of small ones, IMO they are a great combination with scatter gun. (At least on Recons without that em bonus since Weapon and missiles have the same projectile speed then)

The thing is moving too fast to use unguided missiles for me xd

Thanks for sharing this, I think it’s a very fast an agile fit.

How about firepower? I am talking about how recommended this fit is for hunting pirates in OS.


It deals a lot of damage if aiming isnt an issue, you just have to be agile around targets and you’re good ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

It deals superb damage on isolated tagets, thanks to the Duelist Protocol.

7 hours ago, Scar6 said:

It deals superb damage on isolated tagets, thanks to the Duelist Protocol.

Now that you’ve mentioned it i have to update the guide, this was before the duelist xd

Guide updated!