Merge PvP with Leagues during small announced time intervals?

Merge pilots with 4x Rank 12 and higher Ships slotted automatically into a 5vs5 PvP that will count and be merged with leagues teams.

The idea:

Only during small announced time intervals.

Only affecting pilots with 4 Ships of Rank 12 and higher slotted.

Match Maker will only creates 5 vs 5 PvP battles.

It will be allowed to assemble teams of a size of max. 5 pilots manually too.

Those battles will count as league. Ratings, team name and place are automatically calculated. No manual league team setup anymore.


If a pilot does not want to be matched into 5 vs 5 league-like PvP during that very time interval, he/she can simply slot less <4 ships or play COOP, PVE, Spec Ops or a lower Tier/Rank.