Mercenary Pack: steam vs gaijin store

Here Elite Pilot Pack on stream description:

“Money Bag” 25 000 Galactic Standards!
“Platinum VIP” Permanent 10% bonus to loyalty gain as well as a 10% bonus to synergy gain!
Unique T2 Empire interceptor “Wasp”
Unique T2 Jericho frigate “Priest Bartle”
Unique T3 Jericho fighter “Dragonfly”
Unique T3 Federation fighter “Bear”
“Personal Storage” Get the maximum warehouse space for modules and weapons!
“Elite stickers” Collection of 10 luxury stickers for your ships


And here in Gaijin store:

    25,000 Galactic Standards!;
    T2 Empire interceptor ‘Wasp’;
    T2 Jericho frigate ‘Priest Bartle’;
    T3 Jericho fighter ‘Dragonfly’;
    T3 Federation fighter ‘Bear’.

Are they the same or steam pack is better? I cannot link steam account to gaijin account - it is already linking to something else and I don’t want pack without Platinum VIP & Personal Storage

They’re exactly the same. Even if the description in the Gaijin store isn’t the same as the one for Steam, they’re still the same.

No worries.

Gaijin should update the store’s description, which means that they should include all existing bonuses, like it is on Steam.



The Steam description has more details. This pack includes all the bonuses from the Steam list, no matter where you buy it.

thanks, guys