Medal Wall

Achievements with a “physical” wall where you can see the medals you earned and other players could also see them.

Remember Black Prophecy?

“Medals are milestones awarded to the player for completing a goal of a certain number of a certain feat. The medals are tiered into a I, II, and III, each with increasing demand than the last. Feats include killing enemies of a certain faction”

Medals were displayed in a wall for you to see them and also other players.

But instead of having just 3 tiers, we could have many more.

Medal shapes get more complex depending on the tier.

Here are some ideas:

Name: Mercenary

Low Tier- kill 100 players

Medium Tier-kill 500 players

High Tier-kill 1000 players

Elite Tier-kill 10 000 players

Final Tier-kill 50 000 players


Name: Beaconer

Low Tier- Capture 5 beacons

Medium Tier- Capture 20 beacons

High Tier-Capture 100 beacons

Elite Tier- Capture 1000 beacons

Final Tier-Capture 5000 beacons


Name: Helper

Low Tier- Restore 100 beacon points

Medium Tier- Restored 1000 beacon points

High Tier- Restored 5000 beacon points

Elite Tier- Restored 10 000 beacon points


Name: Bug Squasher

Low Tier- Kill 10 Interceptors

Medium Tier-Kill 100 Interceptors

High Tier-Kill 500 Interceptors

Elite Tier-Kill 1000 Interceptors

Final Tier-Kill 10 000 Interceptors


Name: Defender

Low Tier- Kill 10 Attack Ships

Medium Tier-Kill 100 Attack Ships

High Tier-Kill 500 Attack Ships

Elite Tier-Kill 1000 Attack Ships

Final Tier-Kill 10 000 Attack Ships


Name: Destroyer

Low Tier- Kill 10 Frigates

Medium Tier-Kill 100 Frigates

High Tier-Kill 500 Frigates

Elite Tier-Kill 1000 Frigates

Final Tier-Kill 10 000 Frigates


Name: Corporate

Low Tier- Create or join a clan level 1

Medium Tier- Be in, or level up the clan to level 2

High Tier-Be in, or level up the clan to level 3

Elite Tier-Be in, or level up the clan to level 4

Final Tier-Be in, or level up the clan to level 5


Name: Persistent

Low Tier- Die 10 times

Medium Tier-Die 100 times

High Tier- Die 500 times

Elite Tier- Die 1000 times

Final Tier- Die 10 000 times


Some non-tiered medals:

-Beta Tester: Participate in the beta.

-Swift: Destroy 5 ships within 7 seconds.

-Power!: Complete the Energy skill tree.

-Chipped!: Complete the Electronics skill tree.

-Engineer!: Complete the Engineering skill tree.

-Jack-of-all-Trades: Complete the skill tree.

Thanks for your idea we will keep this in mind.

Glad you will :slight_smile:

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