Maybe not so comprehensive guide against the Cruiser.

Just came back from my seaside holiday,was pretty meh,but now for the guide:

Throughout the time I saw a few players claiming that there is no way of killing the Cruiser by yourself on T5,well,they are obviously wrong,this guide is going to cover what you should and what you shouldn’t do in order to solo the Cruiser,lets begin.

1.Required ships:

So,a lot of you might think that the LRFs or Destroyers are the best for soloing the Cruiser,yes that is right but,you can also solo it with gunships too,well,at least with Lightbringer and Spark,yet,the best way so far is to do it with Mauler or Kraken if you build it the same way but 2 hulls instead of shields,now for the equipment.


I think a clear point is that AoE or piercing weapons are needed,not only against the ‘Turtles’ DHSs(Dynamic Hard Shield),‘Rabids’ and ‘Demomen’ swarms,but also against the Cruiser’s turrets and engines while also dealing damage to its hull at the same time,so the Coil Mortar is the best since Dag might have a hard time hitting stuff effectively if you have the auto-lock enabled,as for the gunships the singularity takes the cake 24/7.

Here is a example build:


I do hope you know that prioritizing strafe over all form of movement buffs is important,not just that but I think its a good idea to dodge the enemy’s projectiles while also facing them all the time will be the most effective way to kill them,I usually prefer to use a aggressive strategy,I think the best way to prove it is by a video and some proper electronic music,I’ll just skip it all the way to the Cruiser part for you:


For kraken (with 10% crit chance bonus) or blackdragon use a TTC instead of the electronic guidance (it has no real good use for such low range), for mauler use a 2nd infrared along with the spatial scanner. I rather kraken with torp, since it allows you to quickly dispatch those demoman if you use tachyon. You can also pick dmg and health artifacts nearby.

BTW thunder, use zoom key, not the scroll wheel (its faster and allows you to use the camara at furthest distance when not zooming in).