Maximum Available Rank Concerns:

Star Conflict Masters of the Universe.

First off, I can only speak for myself but was a bit perplexed with a new concept that you have brought into Star Conflict.

<insert_random_task> must be completed with a ship of “maximum available rank”.

What this max rank changed was; for me to get any new tech from broker or elydium I must use my R15 ships until I complete that task.  The challenge with that is, I don’t always want to use the same ships over and over again.  But with this change I am forced to for 80% of the limited time that I play.  Lets use an example capture the beacon.  Out of 4 games I finally got one with beacons so that’s around 15min per game (including the que time).  Now if I do this every day for the next 365 days that’s a lot of repetition on the same ship lineup.  Not to mention if you only have 1-2 hours of game time per night that’s the same ship lineup for the pvp, pve or OS for almost the entire time you have to play.  I paid for my cutter or dart or leonina (yeah I like that ship wanna fight about it (Yes: the quick fix is play more Adam . . )  The same goes for the competition you face, most players have all r15 forcing them to use the same selection r15 ships reducing alot of games in perspective of ship diversity. 

A bit of math to make my point lets say your an average player and it takes you 4 pvp missions to get all tasks complete for the broker missions and elydium, each mission is around 15 min.  And you play every day for a year.  Thats 21,900min in a year where you essentially play with the exact same ships not allowed to branch out (yes i know rank 15 has the most selection of any teir).  If you have to do pve is much more time.  If you only play 1 hour each night like me your lineup never changes because you want that new gear / items that are coming out.  Thus, you can’t use the ships you pay for, you spend 80-90% of your time using the same ships or you simply don’t go for the newer gear.  In both of those cases some one is losing out.

I fully understand why this change might have occurred, there was a requirement to reduce the amount of dirty vets coming down to <r9 and curb stomping. 

Suggested Solution:

Increase the “maximum rank” to “maximum teir”.  This way dirty vets like me stay in top tier games but are not limited to r15 ships.  They have a much wider choice of ships that go from r10-r15. 


thanks for reading:  Hope there might be a change in the future.

I proposed a lot simpler solution with far less work involved on their side of the bargain ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”) what do u think?

most of those tasks are “with a ship of maximum rank(referring to any of the factions, max rank ship you currently have) in a combat slot,” not necessarily needing to USE said ship, but it is really annoying nonetheless.

I would be 100000% OK with them simply removing this problem all together.

I don’t want it to be changed, I want it GONE.

It serves no purpose in the game.



(Also just FYI R8-10 actually has the highest level of diversity. R15 or even R13-15 is just SP’s or Maulers. No others really. I use Waki AE, Mauler and Jaggy a lot but that’s essentially it. None of the other ships are really worth anything to me. They are just synergy points.


And even worse: the fact that it requires certain ranks, AND certain roles AND certain missions/modes is the absolute worst thing ever in the game or any game period. This is simply the most limiting game in existence.


“Oh but you don’t HAVE to play that or do those missions.”

F*CK YOU yes I do. Because if I don’t, there is no way to progress through the game or ever get to use any of the new content. And even in doing these horrendous abominations of missions, there is no actual guarantee that you will get anything any more. It’s essentially gone to “grind, to unlock, to pay, to not get, to pay, to still not get, to finally get after paying actual money, to play”.


It’s no longer pay to win or pay or grind or any of that. It is simply “pay and pray.” Because even when you pay there is no guarantee that you will get jack sh*t because of the random containers.

Remove the rank limit, done.

there is no r10-15 anyway.

t3 is basicly t3 + some r10, then there is some wannabe-t4, and there is taikin/tharga/vigi games in r15.

I would generally love a system, where you land in “hard” with any ship above r11, no “same rank to squad”, and other bs, just nonstop endgame.

and i think, then we can also remove this maximum rank for missions “to keep people up there”

people are kept up there if the game is fun.

>get a mission “Kill 3 ships with disintegrator”
>get a beacon capture games in a row
>get rekt by 2 big balls from Taikin
>receive insults because you suck

Practically my experience with current event.

10 hours ago, Alanthier said:

most of those tasks are “with a ship of maximum rank(referring to any of the factions, max rank ship you currently have) in a combat slot,” not necessarily needing to USE said ship, but it is really annoying nonetheless.

Iirc, Rank 15 is on a separate mm, having one in your slots, pretty much force you to use it.

Tasks, should be, (do this thing), that’s it. No ship requirement, no weapon requirement etc. Like kill x number of baddies, kill 30 engineers, wreck everything in imperial transport hub, save this xxxx. There’s more than enough to not make it restrictive.

From my side of view (since i started to play this game again some months ago and already start losing the interest and fun already again) this whole contract stuff was the worst step Gaijin ever made… (next to the tedious OS daily missions and stuff).

However for me this game is so restrictive in so many ways that it “punishes” you for rushing to R15 (what i did 3 years ago for the R15 implant) cus you then restrict yourself to 1 single ship all the time no matter what you wanna do in terms of the contracts.

It´s kinda like “hey we have here an contract for you BUT to get points accumulated you need to fly your best highest vessel even if you totaly don´t like it to battle in these tier/rank areas”. Aside from that certain “combinations” and “forcings” are quite wrong as well… i mean why does it need to give missions that can only be done in squad? What is the purpose of those? Can´t i simply decide if i wanna fly in a squad or not? No i would need for certain contracts to be done to fly in a squad where i then would need to assist or kill 200 interceptors with my highest ranked ship of the faction. Next to this the totaly great “combination” contracts alla use ship type x with weapon y while having the highest rank sloted… hm to bad that i don´t have ship type x in the required rank that my highest ship has so the contract is “undoable” for quite a while until i have reached said rank with the other shipclass.

Another totaly stupid thing is the daily SCL mission… why SCL? I´m already happy when i have done my daily PvP round for the bonus and then not need to deal with it again until tomorow. SCL is the next step of “annoying” for me cus it requires to be in a squad and needs to be done 4 times for lousy 15 points… the problem however is that most SCL groups wanna use the full playtime for SCL and if you say “only 4 rounds for daily mono” they directly remove you from squad again…

Easiest solution for all this stupid contracts would be to simply make them “free for all modes with different points”.

So let´s say we get an “deal x amount of dmg” contract (no certain type of dmg). In PvP you need 50k of dmg. In PvE you need 100k of dmg and in SCL (what should i know) you need only 20k of dmg dealt. No matter what type of mode is fullfilled 1st when it´s done it´s done so eveyone can chose his mode of play he likes instead of beeing forced into an mode you don´t wanna play + no rank requirement as well. Do this with all other contracts as well and this whole thing would be solved… but i highly doubt that they really care for suggestions cus from what i have noticed it seems that the contract theme has been talked about quite often but no change was made so far on it.

The onliest contracts i could understand an “minimum rank requirement” would be the Elydium ones (minimum R5 ship needed) the craftable ship contracts and (if they every should return) the dessi contracts at their corrosponding rank (R8/11/14).


I fully understand why this change might have occurred, there was a requirement to reduce the amount of dirty vets coming down to <r9 and curb stomping. 

I totally agree with you. Plus vets can go down in <r9 anytime anyway regardless missions 
and if you have a low level Elly ship like me (r8 max) you can do the max rank in a slot kind of missions too.
I don’t like that my cool ships in lower levels are just dusting, and
I don’t like that I don’t really want to upgrade my Elly ships so I can make missions easier.