Hi! Im an old player whos account has gotten perma frozen, and i have started a new account again and im wondering if i can buy the DLC mauler right away and use it even tho im rank 2 atm? Help asap please.

Yes, you can use it right away. But beware, Capture the beacon is back in PvP and once you die with that single ship, you will have to sit out the rest of the battle and be a hindrance to your team. It’s great for PvE though.

awesome thank you [@FilthHound](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/256698-filthhound/)

I’d suggest also buying a lower rank ship (like R8-9) so that you will have a more consistent level curve, but I’ve pledged to not spend another cent on this game unless they offer a literal copypasta Hunter. Be prepared for disappointment when you can no longer gain resources with your favorite ships.

[@TheDarkRedFox](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/242418-thedarkredfox/) Ive played the game since 2013 but my main account got perma frozen due to me selling it to a friend, i accepted the consequenses so created a new account, i am still pissed at them yes but theres nothing i can do. I walleted mauler since its always been my fav ship and its real op if u know how to play it… gotten 200k free syn while playing for 3 hours, maxed about 10 ships so far and will keep going i guess ^^