Mauler wont Find Special Ops games

Hi so i have complained to Gaijin about this and all they can say is submit a bug report. So here


My mauler will NEVER find a special Ops game no matter what i try, My rank 8 Ships will always find them in a matter of seconds, Mauler however goes over 30 mins and still not find one. Screenshot and Logs Attached. 

[game.log](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=11070)





This is not really a bug, the Mauler is simply being put in a different rank spec ops with lower population, therefore you have issues finding a game.

MM got screwed over a bit back. Not exactly sure what’s going on. Just use other ships until they fix it. Xp

There are usually squads everyday for T5 defiler or destroyer(we should give a nickname to that thing),but people mostly prefer to use destroyers,as I do for example,we squad up to 12 people and we get in a game instantly,you should try that out,keep an eye on the main English chat and you sure must find someone to call out players to join,remember to be fast to reply thou or you wont get a spot.

I really really really doubt you will find any game from T5 destroyer and defiler by doing solo queue. You can easily find T3 games in the destroyer mode: the map is easy so pubs have the chance to win it and everybody has at least 1 T3 ship. You can also find T4 games in the destroyer spec op, however is much less frecuent because its harder and less players have T4s. T5 is even more unlikely cause is much harder (no destroyers can play destroyer spec ops) and even less players have T5 ships. Bad wings usually end up getting obliterated by Matter Inverters in defiler spec ops, pubs would have a worse fate.

Is issue repeat yet?