i joined in 2013 and the game was going good but then i quit, i came back just yesterday, when i was using my tiger (rank 11)

and i get put up with rank 14 and 15… i cant work on that ship i can barley even get a kill, please make it were it is (1-3) (4-6) (7-9) (10-13) (14-15)


Everything working as intendend.


Even if they say the game is not beta anymore I think it changed way more after beta then before so for me its still in beta. The T1(1-3) T2(4-6) T3(7-9) T4(10-13) T5(14-15) was the Tier system, they removed it completely. They introduced 3 queue, mixed tiers, ingame buffs for lower rank ships etc…
So the game what you left in 2013 is gone. If you look after that you should try another game (and please let me know if you found it, I wanna play it so bad).

But to be fair not all the changes was bad even if I don’t have much fun since I can’t find games in 4 squad. The current system is not clear at all. Because of the ingame buffs you can’t really fit your ship well without know your buffs, so select the ships what you’ll fly, play a game, check your buffs and refit based on that.

I would try to farm some xenos, wait until the new OP ship release, buy it asap and farm everybody. (If you don’t believe check some Thar’ga videos). Thats the best way to play  ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”) GL