Matchmaking in Portals.

Since the devs are already ignoring a thread about terrible matchmaking in Conquest, I’ll add a thread about the same issue in Portals that they can ignore just as well.


Not much to say really, the matchmaking is awful, especially in matches where neither side has a wing. For example, a match just now had 1 vs 20 kills with 7:25 minutes left on the clock, no wings on either side. That’s by far not the only imbalanced match I’ve experienced recently, in fact I can’t recall the last time I had a balanced match. It’s almost always a hard stomp for one side or the other.

1 hour ago, talvi3967 said:

Since the devs are already ignoring a thread about terrible matchmaking in Conquest, I’ll add a thread about the same issue in Portals that they can ignore just as well.

They don’t. Some suggestions were implemented then no one posted anything further. No log - no issue. Simple as that. If you want to have something changed, please do something except criticizing - like do some recordings, make some screenshots, describe what the issue actually is. 


PS. stop flying solo in Portals ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

First of all, I obviously don’t know how the matchmaking algorithm works in this game as I am not a dev. But surely the game has something like a Match Making Rank (MMR) for each player? Simply use those numbers to try and even out the team balances. Of course things like people being in the same wing or corp need to be respected but that still leaves a lot of room to shuffle people around as needed.


Secondly, describing the issue: Overwhelmingly often when queuing solo, I notice that the teams are extremely imbalanced in terms of strength. This can go one way or the other (i.e. my team being utterly dominant, or the enemy team). It is rare in my experience that a balanced match occurs, and others that queue solo have made the same experience. Perhaps wings get balanced matches more frequently, I wouldn’t know. Since there are wings/squads taking part in almost all matches where I am flying solo, they do experience that kind of imbalanced match every now and then at the very least. Being just one player I can hardly provide you with enough logs or screenshots to give you any decent amount of data – are matches not tracked in this game? I would expect a game of this size to collect and use such data.


As for flying solo. I do understand that Portals and Conquest are primarily designed for pvp between corps/wings, but not everybody is blessed with a corp or friends that reliably form wings for these game modes. Clearly I am not the only one with this problem, as a large percentage of participants in conquest and portals (judging by the very limited amount of data I as a player have) fly solo, whatever the reason for that may be. Of course you could choose to allow only wings to queue for these game modes, but that would likely lead to a reduction of the player base in the long term, even if there might be a chance that people are successfully pushed towards forming wings. Just my guess though.


What kind of data would you require to further delve into the issue? My computer doesn’t have the capacity to record every match but I could make screenshots as often as possible if that might help. I am attaching screenshots from Portals and Conquest both as the issues are closely related.


The 1-20 mentioned above:







A 5v2 Conquest that could have been a 4v3 while respecting corps and wings:






A 3v5 Conquest that could have been 4v4 while respecting corps and wings:





A 7v2 Conquest that could have been 5v4 while respecting corps and wings (I’m 99% sure AoWAR and Flimm were in a corp war at that time, giving even more reason for these corps not to be in the same team):






A 1v4 Conquest that could have been 2v3 while respecting corps and wings:





Forwarded to the devs just like that last topic you posted. ;D