Matchmaker Inbalance?

I don’t know, if it’s just on my side, but i think the matchmaker of the game is not capable of making equal matches.


8 out of 10 times you get steam rolled the by the other team and the other 2 times you steam roll them.


This really isn’t any fun. I don’t mind losing, if it was a good fight, but getting steam rolled just gets old very quick. Steamrolling others just gets old very quick as well.


I mean, what sense is there in putting 5 guys with 1400-1600 DSR on one side and putting 800-1100 guys on the other side?

(Not talking about squads, only pugs)


Dev’s should work on their skillrating, for it not to only show kill/death ratio, but also objective play and then have the Skill on each side somewhat balanced.

This would help this game alot.

 I don’t matter losing, if it was a good fight


Me, too. I don’t mind if I lose the game, as long as the fight is tight and relatively fair. But steamroller matches are absurd.

Matchmaking has been like that for as far as I can remember.

Matchmaker does not form teams based on skill rating. Skill rating is too easily manipulated.


The contents of your hangar are what the matchmaker uses to form even teams.


The next time you get rolled, check the profiles of the other teams’ top players to see how many games they have played. That is a good indicator for whether you were beaten by individual skill or by teamwork.

thx for info, but you can’t call it even, if your almost always getting steam roll matches.

I  never got used to that as well. Now I finally know why. Still I like a challenge, but sometimes it’s unfair.

Fully stocked purple warehouse kits and purple equipped ships makes MM jealous of you.

I guess purple just isn’t it’s color.

I guess he likes a green a lot more to favor you. xP

I was thinking they should seperate people with 1300, or 1500 SR from the rest in T3. Does that in T5, works fairly well aside from never getting a match.

This battle ended in defeat:  Everyone on my team was SR of below 1000, with one player below 800.  The enemy team was all over 1200, with one player over 1300.  My skill rating is 1500.  Now, does the matchmaker assume that this is a fair fight?  I can’t take on an entire team by myself if that was its logic; sure I took out several ships per life, but my teammates died so quickly that I had to tank an impossible amount of damage.


Here is one of the problems:  The game is not publicized enough, which leads to low amounts of funding.  Gaijin needs to put more money towards getting the game well-known to expand the player base so that high-rank/SR players don’t get forced into lower tiers to avoid the RIDICULOUS queue times.  Look at games like HAWKEN, where queue times are hardly more than 5 seconds with about the same team sizes as Star Conflict.  Something is wrong in the matchmaking, too, and while the playerbase definitely causes a significant cog in the machine, it is the matchmaker’s “extreme biases” as I am calling them, towards high ranked players that leads to these profound issues.  To pitch one player of 1500 with a team of <1000 players to a team of all 1200+ players is ridiculous.  As I said, the matchmaker has extreme biases against these players that is a little over-the-top.  The matchmaker should have evened out the teams a bit more, but it did not, and it has not been doing a good job with really anything besides simply making this game frustrating to new players.

its nearly impossible to make fair matches  :fed001:

even with same ships and items same player will always play different. for example:

after work you play worser. at the weekend you play much better. after few weeks break you play worser. and so on…


matchmaker is very good right now  :001j:

Since “release” my Que times have doubled and my average match size has been cut in half. At least at my normal play times.


And my thoughts are the very lopsided matches are caused by small games. In a 3v3 or 4v4  one good player can wreck to whole other team.

The bigger the matches the more MM has to work with and usually I get better games. Comes down to more people again.

There may be more people playing now but I don’t see them.

its nearly impossible to make fair matches  fed001.png

even with same ships and items same player will always play different. for example:

after work you play worser. at the weekend you play much better. after few weeks break you play worser. and so on…


matchmaker is very good right now  001j.png


Yes, it’ll never be possible to make absoluteley even matches, but atm your getting almost steam roll matches only. Out of 20 Matches played today, i only had 2 really satisfying ones. (With a real fight and a close result) Like Engle said, why aren’t players placed on teams on basis of skill? (Skillrating would have to be adjusted for that)

Yes, you have times where you play worse and better, but i dare to claim, that a player with 1500 DSR is better than one with 1000 or 800. But even he can’t carry his whole team against an average of 1200 Skill Rating players.


I don’t know, your posts all read like everything is good and all happy flowers. Can’t share your oppinion, my buddies already all quit this game  because of Issues, MM was just one of 'em.