Match Making New Issues. Fixes Suggested.

One of my biggest complaints with match making is how short the battle have been most of the time. 


Beacon Capture Modes:

The time is obviously way too short. Back when it was 10 minutes it was too short, now that’s its 7 its even worse. At the very least this should be 10, but would prefer it be 12 minutes.

This should allow the beacon tickets more time to bleed to zero. 


Team Battle:

The starting number this has always been too low, even before the match making change.

I think the number should just be a solid 100. That way the only way to end the match is to do your 10 minutes and hope you have the most remaining.


I think many of can agree the kill count is simply not enough to allow all pilots to get the kills they want. 



Change the way the count works. Instead of counting down. The count starts at 0 and the team with the most kills wins.


Captain and the other modes not mentioned

I just suggest adding the time to 10 or 12 minutes. 



Match join stutter

I think the time to allow new pilots to join match should be reduced to 1 minute. Other wise it just makes the whole match a mess.

I understand the join stutter, as it happens to me in some of the racing games I play online. Their solution to this issue can’t apply here because of how they work.


The new mm is definitely a plus to the game. At least now we don’t have to wait like we used to. So lets hope some of these fixes happen, and we got something nice.

In my opinion


Its good that matches are that short. With new matchmaker almost all the time there are full teams, that mean less time of pure chaos. With smaller teams that I dont like (especially 2v2, 3v3) it just ends quickier giving hope for hopping into larger fights. Less time just means less strategy, more “shoot at red markers general direction”. Also carnage of one-sided matches ends quicker.


As for Team Battle, i would leave 20 frag limit, but bump to 30 when there is more than 5v5.

Combat Recon with 90s invicibility can end very quickly when captain rushes. Either remove invincibility when captain shoot or leave certain distance from spawn. There is already thread about this.


CtB need 10 minutes limit  at minimum, but again, larger battles ends quicker, smaller battles are just searching enemies half of the time.

We are aware of the issues and already working on some improvements.

I like a lot of the new battle times. Team Battle is the only one I have an issue with. 5 minutes is way too short for a game. I think Team Battle should be increased to 7 minutes like the rest of the gamemodes. CTB works pretty nicely with 7 minutes, but I do think it should be upped to 10 minutes.

In team battle I and my team mates kill all the tickets in about 2 to 3 minutes most of the time. The timer is not the issue for this most of the time. The kill count is the issue in this case.


Either way 7 minutes is hardly enough. I only play at T5 for the most part. Maybe the times are shorter for the beginner tiers. I feel the count should just be a solid 100 and keep it as is,

Or start the count at 0 and what ever team has the most in 7 or 109 minutes wins.


The join stutter is another issue that needs consideration. I am not sure they can fix it, but maybe shorten the time people can join in progress until they can come up with a fix…