Massive enemy location sweeps!

Mercenary Guild announces the search for the best of the best among all pilots! We declare massive enemy location sweeps!



Choice will be made ​​among the pilots, who complete the following tasks: 

  • The first 800GS prize will be awarded to the pilot that destroys the most pirates or biomorphs in 24 hours

  • 10 pilots to show the highest rates of enemy elimination per hour will receive 400GS 



Participation conditions: 

  1. It is necessary to play in total at least one hour per day 
  2. Use the the following ship ranks: 
  •     - For T2 zones - ranks 4-6
  •     - For T3 zones - ranks 7-9




First day of mass sweeps


T2 ship zones: 

  • Ontregos Pass
  • Iridium Haul
  • Abandoned Beacon


T3 ship zones: 

  • Felony Border
  • Pallas Border
  • Ice Pits





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Results of yesterday’s massive location sweeps: 

The best of the best player: 

  1. 00BloodAsp00 - 800 GS

10 best pilots (will get 400 GS):

  1. kaiju
  2. uni4tohitel
  3. Dornant
  4. LKL13
  5. lex03
  6. Gramm
  7. TpyTeHb
  8. Ryconnell
  9. DarthVADER
  10. SylvanCahilog 

Gongratulations to winners! 


We congratulate you on the successful location sweeps. You handled the task well.


Here are the results of Day 2:


Destroyed the most enemies (1000 GS)::

  1. PJ


Top ten by kill per minute (500 GS)::

  1. AIM2100

  2. Gaasse

  3. KonstantiN

  4. DimAmiD

  5. BIack

  6. IIHawXII


  8. Poliak

  9. BarinNK42

  10. Imirus