Massive Connection Problems, High Ping, Overwhelming package loss

I am frequently having connection problems. Insane lag, relative to a major overlord high ping (250-350 ~~~~ 450-500) and package loss frequently reaches 22% ~ 28 % ++ and  i am serious not joking, i cant barely flight the shipright or get a proper aim. 
And no, no other network software in use when this happens, also as i’ve checked, no one is using my network. Game is simply too unstable nowdays, and it only happens with star conflict for me, not with any other.

Besides, do you guys at least PLAN to implement a South American server in the near future?! cause i can not lie that feel frustrated for having invested time and money at the game, and dont even have a closer server to play at. 

South America?? XD come on man, u are playing there and expect good con? Deliciois!

You were probably on either Russian or Eu servers. Russian servers are bad for literally everyone but Russians and Eu servers have been experiencing issues lately. Try to set your region to USA. You should get more stable packet delivery but with the sacrifice of super long wait times.

Read this article, please: