Mars One

Will it happen or is just a ‘fraud’ to generate some money from the publicity and then say something along the lines of ‘we couldn’t predict that this would/could happen, so we are cancelling the whole trip’?


If it does happen, will everything go as planned or the worst possible way and no one makes it alive past the 1 year mark?

As a huge sci-fi fan, i would want to see this happen and go well, but i’ve my doubts.


What do you think about this whole ‘thing’? :slight_smile:



Mars One is a plan to send people to mars in 2023, where they will live for the rest of their lives (one way ticket).

First: If you’d done your research you’d know Mars One is a not for profit foundation. As such no matter how much money they make they can’t use any of it for anything but the stated purpose


Second: Yes if complications arise/funding runs out the trip might be canceled/delayed indefinitely.

a) Space trips cost a lot of money

b) laws might arise which make such plans impossible to implement

c) Astronauts might realize that 10 years on a rock in space with a max of 8 people will drive anyone insane.

d) Earth get’s blown up to make space for a hyperspatial express route





The list goes on and on.

I am sure D) will certainly happen , I mean we´ve all senn it :slight_smile:


So long , and thx for all the fish !