Mark Target

This is a simple idea that a few other games i know of use to help out your team knowing what your shooting at. Also It helps your wingmen know what to focus on. If you could push a button that highlights for your whole team what target you are focused on.

Also Since it can get a bit disorienting flying around I though that when they add the groups could they put up an arrow pointing to your group mates. To help keep track of where people are at. Kinda like it does now with your current target. But perhaps green or something similar denoting your wing mates.

Nice idea we will see if this will be possible.

a better solution would be to indicate how many players are targeting that ship(which already appears on the targeted player’s HUD, so it would be somewhat easier to implement)

well… im already said this on other suggestion… but how about radio command “I SHOOTING AT [insert name here]!!”