Mark mission objectives at infinite range

Nothing makes me hate invasion more than trying to find a tiny and/or moving object in a huge map while under constant attack. Please do us a favour and permanently mark our mission objectives.

Yes, please.

+104,587. This would be so massively helpful.

You mean you have trouble finding the probe in Solaris Wasteland and activating it? Come on it’s not that bad there are only 2 Predators, 12 hunters, 8 Biomorphs which are stronger than Predators, and 50 alien drones…I’m sure you can manage that!

As an experienced player from open space, you can solve most of your problems with: memory xD remember when you found the objective in previous situations. If its your first time, use a lot of sensor range. If you are going for the first time and have normal sensor range/speed (less than 5km range and less than 400ms), then yeah, you are going to have a bad time finding those things (as i did in my moment). With dedication you know the spawn points and learn where to look when you face something new (looking for a ship you must destroy: look for a lone ship trail (many of them are in corners or behind rocks); need to take out a convoy: look at warpgates or look at monocrome map with tab (yes, big cargo ships are shown as moving rectangles even when out of sensor range); need to look for a sensor: not many clues here…just look near some object/structure, they are not in middle space; activate generators: first use control for free view and quick recognition of any of those structures (they can be seen from very far), then look exactly where your field of vision is interrumpted…the last generators will be there most likely. Also, dont go rambo in middle of the map luring every hostile ship, 'cos that will xxxx you up seriously xD Just take some distance from agro.

I forgot to say: some indications at mission debrief would be great; something like: “cargo will come from this warpgate to this other”. “Sensor is near…”.  It would be just perfect, so people dont wander all over the map with no clue to where to go.