Mapsize scaleable by number of players

Just a suggestion to balance the mapsize to the number of players:

-The points of interests should be reduced or reachable faster.

-With reduced playercounts more than 1 hotspot is less likely to occure

-Make T4/5 less of a bore during 3v3s (flying times)


This only pleases of course small playerbase, so it might not be worth implementing it.

Some maps already work pretty well with small user counts.


Maybe the smaller games should pick from a list of smaller to medium sized maps.


I think, the best way of choice would be to do more smaller pvp maps; back to the roots with asteroids, a couple of ruins and stuff, which work up to 8v8; and maybe also mapdesigns, which support both a bigger and a smaller playing field, by having different beacon placement or spawn regulations, would work too.

For larger maps, it would be nice to have 2 versions of the same map. 1 scaled down version for 6v6 and under, then the normal size for 7v7 and up. But could be hard to balance where beacons go, not sure