Map №2 - Miner Destruction

Map Name: Miner Destruction
Map Type:

  • “Beacon Capture” (Realistic mode,6 Beacons, 3 on each side)
  • “Deathmatch” (Arcade mode without beacons, Team Deathmatch or Free for all.)
  • “Detonation” (Arcade mode, 6 Beacons, 3 on each side)

Back Story:
Several years ago while searching for the signal a group of Empire scientists discovered a long lost and forgotten mining outpost that to this day has been known as the mines of the unnamed races.
this name was given to the spot as it appears there were multiple races living and mining within the sector judging by the different techs that were left behind.
the conflict has been fierce in this sector and control has swapped between the races so many times we have all lost count but even with our best scientific minds we have not been able to workout who lived hear or even what they were mining.
all we know was that they are gone with no sign of struggle. there space station abandoned and venting gas two unstable to repair and to advanced for us to even try and comprehend.
this sector was forbidden to return to after every research team to go there would go radio silent after 35 days from arrival and never heard from again no ships no Distress beacons nothing just the silence of space.
But like any mystery our nature wont let us just forget some of us must seek out the answers some of us must know the truth.
There are whispers in space and story’s told in bars of people that have been there and returned to tell the tale but the story’s change and the people can never be tracked down.
It is time to Return and find out what really happens in this place the darkest parts of space the resting place of the unknown races.

Game play:
EMP bomb section is covered with vented gas So there is low visibility and Every 60 Sec a EM Pulse is emitted from the space station causing all ships to loose active module and targeting for 10 sec within the green area.