Map №14 - Secret Coal Mines

Secret coal mines

­This map belongs to a sector in dispute with the three factions, a sector rich in mineral resources ready to be extracted. The back story is that all three factions wanted to get his hands on the whole volume of minerals but none of them could do it directly because that would represent a direct war that wouldn’t benefit anyone. For that, they decided to not start to extract the resources until they reach an agreement to distribute them equally. But that was only a diplomatic trick, because the Federation and, at the same time, the Empire and Jericho in alliance, decided to establish some structures to extract the minerals in secret. However, when all the extracting points were ready, both realized that they were doing the same covered operation, thus creating a bloody battlefield to conquer all the resources.

Map explanation

This map is designed with the objective to spread the frigates to different points. That is because when you are trying to capture a beacon an there are 4 or 5 frigates with minefields it is impossible to do anything. For this purpose, this map has a warp system in which some of those warps are connected to a generator that provides them with energy to work. In the map the generators and the warp gates that depend on them are represented by orange squares. The warp gates are deployed equally to the same teams and both have the same distance to both points.

Map environment

I imagine this map in dark sector, with grey asteroids, a strong blue in the sky, and a star well positioned that create shades and make the player feel like he is in a dangerous place, intriguing. More or less like this Star Conflict PVE map:


or this other map. I mean I’m not telling you to copy those things, just only pointing this dark environment.


Battle explanation

The generator has to be conquered like a beacon would, and only can be ON/OFF allowing one team to warp or not. The generator that is in the map painted in orange colour has less capture points than a beacon so the time spent in turning it ON/OFF is lower (I’d suggest the half the points, like 50 or maybe 70). The generators give a small advantage to the team that can reach them, but they are in no way essential to win a match, because one can go to the other beacons or to capture the enemy generator. Both teams have one generator ON at the beginning of the match, so they can choose the path that they consider better to execute their strategy.

Travel time is one of the most important things in this map. The warp gates are placed so that the distance between the warp and beacon is the same. This way at the beginning there are no advantages. For example, to take the blue path at the respawn point you have to travel 7500 meters until you can go through the warp gate in the middle of the map. This is a long distance but engineer frigates can deploy a gate to travel 5000 so, with a little bit of coordination, you can easily reach beacon A quickly. Beacons B and C are also close to A at a range of 6000/6500 meters approximately so, as a frigate or interceptor, you don’t need much time to reach them.

Frigates A good placement of frigates is the key to control any map. This sector is designed to spread the frigates to different points and routes that will need to be controlled by both teams. This means that the ships will have to spend their mines and other resources in different points and will allow the other teams to recapture a beacon and exploit the weaknesses of the strategy of the other team.

Battle zones The main battle zones will be around the beacons, at the generators, and also in areas surrounding those points like the asteroid zone between A and B or A and C, the zone between the red warp and beacon B and C, and also the central zone of the map.

Time, and money This map is designed to be played with a little more time, like 15 minutes, and some more points like 150 – 150. The reward should be slightly increased in this map because players will not enjoy it if they spend more time in one battle that they are rewarded for.

Generators** (You can use your PVE beacons to make the generators like an electric station)

Warp gates** All the warp gates are the same, but I think it would be more fun if the gates on the centre of the map were a little bit hidden inside an asteroid like in a tunnel of some sort.


Nice one  with on/off warps 

Was that done in AutoCAD?!

Yeah! I did it with autocad! Glad that you noticed! It took me a little bit to do it because i dindn’t use it since ages jajaja but worth it!

Yeah! I did it with autocad! Glad that you noticed! It took me a little bit to do it because i dindn’t use it since ages jajaja but worth it!


My job currently uses Autocad 2011. Thats all I use. I would of suggested using blocks, hatches, and linetypes. but I’m too busy admiring the map to care.