Map №11 - Punysher Descent








Wicked  :yes_yes:

For all question post here i reply all!

This map is fun and all can like it for the dynamics of gameplay.

You don’t see anymore useless team members.

You win more often!

You don’t see anymore useless team members.


I would praise the game that would manage this. Unfortunately, no one will ever see that happen because useless members don’t come from maps of the game itself. Its origin s entirely up to the players themselves. If they’re useless, then there’s no way around it and you have to deal with it for the remainder of the match or suck it up and, eventually, lose.


Also, I don’t approve of whatever map you talked about. Purely because you likely spamed the living hell out of everyone’s inboxes and provided no link to said map… I assumed it was this one because the grammar skills on the OP’s images are similar. Please stop me if I’m mistaken.

yeah i stop you and tell you are a … Why?.


First i do a PR campain for my map AND for the OTHER maps, becouse i dont put a link direct to my map is not the right thing to do and i put in status update a link for the vote section. Then people have the last question in the end.


Second > Purely because you likely spamed the living hell out of everyone’s inboxes< this is your say. I send to 4 people NOT TO ALL omg! i find the lucky one to give me the maximun attention come here argue in my map section! In you gold mailbox are delete buttonif you noted, here no and all can see. Thath intention are not good your?


Third another extract >I assumed it was this one because the grammar skills< omg you are my professor ? Not all are english or have good attidudine with language( and i not have at all) but i do the best i can…and where are my limit reach i trust the other intelligence to understand what i mean …if not peace.


Four i say yes and no for the first part, useless team member. Becouse useless are a camper in a wrong position, useles are a player lost in space useless are a player look for up the rating.

I tell true  im a rating player half time, useless sometime.

Here i create a map where gamepaly are foucus in one place where camper can be in a good position and rating player have a playeble part more usefull and object palyer a challenge becouse they need to pass this hell.


Then you reply is not so constructive only annoying when not needed, the scientific word is TROLL.


I dont rep dow your post. I think you word talk enough.


A sage say: A smart people don’t talk to stupid becouse stupid can understand, and is stupid to explain ho can understand.


Now i say im a very stupid.

awesome punylover i hope you win bro!

thk you! :slight_smile: