Map №1 - Fallen Giant

Map name: Fallen Giant

Game type:
Optimised for Domination and Beacon hunt;
Team Deathmatch and Combat recon should work just fine, for realistic and Detonation i would have to add a Bomb Spawn and new Beacons/Stations.

Background Story: After rescieving an emergency signal, mercenaries discover their destroyed flagship floating in space. The enemy will likely try to get as much intel about the Flagship as possible. Make sure they can’t reach their goal by capturing and holding 3 crucial positions near the destroyed Dreadnaught!

Notable Feature: A huge devestated Flagship which was thorn apart (literally, the ship got sepeated in a front and a back part) by unknown enemy Forces. The Flagship is a destroyed version of the ship featured in the “shipyard defense” scenario. The Pilots can use the huge ship as cover and an even enter the destroyed hangar bay in the front part of the ship through holes in the ship hull. There is still plasma venting in space from the wreck and all kinds of destroyed shiphull can be seen floating in space.

The Map+Playstyle: My map is desinged to feature areas for short and long range combat, the map is nearly symetric and both teams have equal chances on capturing the beacons. Both the shipwreck and the asteroids will serve as cover and by desing the teams will meet each other near the beacons and are otherwise (a bit) seperated by the huge ship. The distance betwen the beacons is big enough to give a team time to react, but also short enough to allow fast pushes to other beacons. the dreadnaught will also block the scanners and enable you to run stealth atacks alongside the hull to any beacon. especially recon ships can be valuable to the team in this situation. therfore you can expect a fast gameplay where good coordination can make a big difference.
All the routes which make sense to take are displayed in the attached file (top view) coloured in the corresponding team coulours.

Art style:
the battle takes place in a dense asteroid belt around a giant desert planet in the distance. there could be some sort of dust particals and smaller asteroids as well in the final version, giving you the impression of a dense asteroid ring. there is also an image of a possible sector background atached, to fit the star conflict style the result should be a bit more flashy i think.







This map may have potential for Combat Recon missions too.


I vote for this map.


I rly like that one :slight_smile:


Lots of stuff flying around where you can get THUD! but also great to snip at a higher position :slight_smile: