Many not win-able games *in a row* (bad captain, got in first when it's lost already, …)

Most of the time, the matchmaker works good.


Sometimes, you get thrown into a battle in progress - which is not entirely bad (may safe matchmaking time) …

… but other times, it is just silly (when the game is already almost over)


2 PvP match-makings threw me into 2 battles which the captain committed suicide.

. (BTW: Once, the captain told me he didn’t know he was the new captain after the old captain disconnected)


1 PvP battle was lost because the enemy did hold all 3 beacons and there were like 150 points left.


1 PvE battle was lost because I joined as Rank5-6 only a Rank10


2 PvP, I had 2-3 *exceptionally bad nullPointer* players in our team which just spawn to die or which didn’t play in the first place (disconnect).



I know, this can happen from time to time, but after 3-4 lost battles, you should be on the priority list for better games.


When I manufacture better ammo or use the ammo gifted daily and get thrown into a match where the captain dies 2 seconds after I spawn with 1/2 the team dead or assaulting the enemy team alone, you lose hope and get frustrated - which I hope is not the goal of this game :wink:


Even worse, you are never able to get on top of the score list for a loyalty-voucher-quest when your team already got 900 points from capturing beacons 3 times.



So please - add a detection for these situations. Give the player a team where players actually use their engineers and commanders when nobody else uses them already when he lost so many games in a row.


I know it’s possible, just check how many times a player switches his ship selection to match the team’s demands on a currently not available ship role.

Thanks, but it’ll be very useful if you do it this way 

[How to create bug reports](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25328-how-to-create-bug-reports/)