Manufacturing Ammunition - Only Produces One Batch No Matter How Many Are Entered

As of SC version 1.3.5, when attempting to manufacture Supercooled Charges, no matter how many I enter to produce, the result is always one batch.


For instance, if I have 164 computer chips, and the default number is 1 Chip = 2 Charges, and I change this number to 10 Chip = 20 Charges, the game will give me a Confirm Prompt saying 20 charges will be producted, but then when I click ok, it only creates 2 Charges and only one computer chip is used.


My client is the Linux client, but I had another person in the corporation attempt it as well. He is on a Windows client and experienced the same problem.


I doubt log files will have anything to do with this, so I’m not including those at this time unless requested.


Please let me know if you need anything else.



Yes, this is a thing. A temporary limitation or what not. Skula said it will be in effect until next update.