Manufacture Ships??

How do you manufacture ships in game??

What level do you need to be?

Usually it tells you what you need by clicking on them or hovering over them. Provide a screenshot if u need more info on a ship and the process of building it.

“manufactured” ships refer to any ship with a purple outline, particularly Destroyers or Rank 15 unique ships.


You use materials that you find after battles or in Open Space or from missions to build them.

They are typically very expensive though. Particularly in terms of credits.


Some manufactured ships will require unique parts to build. They are typically very expensive on the market and honestly not worth it.

Ok thanks for the info.

What about the premium Destroyers? are they worth getting?

There are no premium destroyers.

Whats this then??

Those are DLCs that you can buy to get the manufacturable destroyers along with some modules without crafting them, they are not considered premiums.

21 hours ago, IvanDiego said:

HIi all, I have a question regarding new Hammerhead frigate. For me it is a good allrounder - open space, missions, skirmish and spec ops - I am not much into PVP yet so I cannot tell … In your opinion is it a good one or not? Sometimes when I want to join SO group with it they simply tell me that Hammerhead sucks. Is it really that bad?

I didn’t realise we were into necromancy but okay

Hammerhead is frowned upon as the passive slots and weapons/modules it has access to are subpar for playing as a legitimate engineer (healing, staying alive, keeping your allies alive).

In open space the ship is good as it is fast, max rank so it has access to powerful seed chips and Waz’dum makes you practically invincible.
PvE Mobile barrier I believe hearing scales well with levels and Waz’dum again makes you near invincible.
The battle station as a whole is kind of a bait. It has low HP, low regen, drains your energy for what little regen it has and can only hit enemies above it or on the same level as there are only turrets on the top of the station. If you were looking for a good camping ship Waz’got is still superior thanks to the obscene regen of Ellydium ships and overall superiority of Waz’got Battlestation to Autonomous battle station.

Overall, you can make good use of it as it is a max rank ship - so as per par for the course seed chips and pve levels make it good in pve, Skirmish is a wipe because seed chips again and for open space the innate speed bonuses of federation engineers can be handy.