Mandela Effect Discussion/List

It seems to be that some things I personally remember are not as they once were, or seemed to be.


Tinker Bell no longer does her animations inside Disney Films where she was prominent and in many movie intros and throughout my childhood.


In Lord of The Rings when Theodin King of Rohan under control of Saruman says to Gandalf  “You have no power here, Gandalf Greyhame” is now “you have no power here Gandalf the Grey”


Berenstein bears is now Berenstain bears - we used to have small arguments about whether or not it was pronounced sta-i-n or Steen, now that argument no longer makes sense since it’s stain.


The Bible now says that the wolf will lay down with the lamb (signifying satan) where it used to say the lion shall lay down with the lamb.


James T Kirk no longer says “Beam me up Scotty”


Morpheus in the Matrix no longer says “what if I told you…”


The Wicked witch no longer says “Fly my pretties, FLY!!!”


Oliver twist no longer says “Please sir, may I have some more?” he now says “please sir, I want some more”


Sherlock no longer says “Elementary my dear Watson”


Three little pigs story had “blow your house down” but it’s now “blow your house in”


Looney Toons is now Loony Tunes


Among a good many others





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