make mining a way to play

can we have dedicated mining ship  with  fittable mining lasers and mining drones?  what the purpose of that?

there would be some asteroids spread in various sectors,asteroid would have limited amount of resource then it depletes and new one spawns in same sector but in different area [so you have to go 10km to edge of map for next vanadium]…first we must understand how mining laser will work.  you fire your beam  on asteroid and wait when it heat up then cycle or two  to get the content into your storage,same function would be for mining drone but   mining laser would do only 1 unit per  1 cycle for 1 laser and you could fit max 3 mining lasers for destroyer 2 frigate and 1 fighter and 1 interceptor.


where would mining laser go? probably best utility slot for this would be special slot so you could i.e  use ur sniper frigate,ditch sniper cannon and plug the mining laser and go  melt some asteroids.


problem the mining would make

  • market inflation on resources,but it could be balanced - no minerals in containers.

  • safety. yes  higher  security system is worse asteroids spawn and  you wont get anything good, so easy systems would be bad for mining but for desperate it could work. better materials to mine would be from  hard and medium systems


with mining lasers you need someone  togther  for mining in case pirates spawn to blow u up…when you are mining you cannot use your weapons except defense drones [eventually]


storage and stacking

  • we would need  1 or 2 more   inventory slots and  minerals stackable up to 5 or 10 per one stack so total would be  60 of 5x stack or 120 if 10x stack and 1 cycle of laser = 1 mineral,same goes for mining drone 1 mineral per cycle.


dedicated mining ship would have those 14 inventory slots with stack x10 while all others would have stack x5 per item.  dedicated mining ship would mean no weapons except defense drones,but i dont see anything agaist using  destroyer  for mining operations…


another possiblity would be wreck salvage,salvage cannon would extract potential minerals or components from wreck  but no more than 5 or 10% of ship value and salvage would be RNG  between 1 and 10 with chance for salvage fail - 0


what would be possiblities for mining  ship and mining lasers/drones? 

pvp and pve events and missions where you have not only to kill but  recover resources aswell, maybe new sectors  that would be dedicated for  miners aswell but the miner survival would depend only on other players the pvp sectors would have  huge  mineral amounts  to go for,risk vs reward would be there perfect.

daily tasks would require you to mine some asteroids for faction you work for sometimes  would take u to pvp sector but you dont have to invest in new mining ship,just equip your favourite ship and go.

Has been asked many many times but no result sadly, through it’ll be something truly awesome in sc.

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Ohh big player targets that will give me electrum and other fun stuff when i shoot them? Count me in!