Major tournament “Old School” ll

Major tournament “Old School” ll

This tournament is the first of two qualifying tournaments that qualify for the final tournament of the year  - Intercorporate Championship IV.





Technical level: 10-15 Rank

Format: 6 vs 6

Game mode: “Capture the Beacons”

Maps: All maps with “Capture the Beacons” mode

Tournament date: 21.09.2019-22.09.2019 21-00** (UTC +3).**




  1. This tournament is qualifying for Intercorporate Championship IV, teams that won the first four places are selected for Intercorporate Championship IV, only corporate teams are allowed to participate in the tournament (teams consisting of players from the same corporation).

  2. In this tournament, all ships purchased for silver, and modules marked  ES.

  3. Registration for participation in the tournament opens from ** 10.09.2019 **** and runs through  **19.09.2019 inclusive, 20.09.2019 the draw will take place at 10:00 p.m. UTC.

  4. The first eight registered teams are allowed to the tournament, after this the registration is closed, there is a draw for two groups of four teams. Each group has two teams that play in the semifinals.

  5. Request consists of 6(base) 4(stock).

  6. Mode: group stage and playoff.

  7. Friendly fire (team damage) is enabled.

  8. Number of ships in slots of each player  — from 1 to 4 ships.

  9. Groups may not have the same number of teams (with an odd number of teams).

  10. At the group stage, each team each plays two fights with a change of sides, respawn.

  11. For each victory team gain — 3 points, for draw — 1 point, for lose — 0 points.

  12. If in a group of 2 or more teams scored the same number of points, then between them an additional battle is held for the right to occupy a higher place.

  13.   The team that won the first place in the group goes to the team that won the second place.

  14. Finals, semi-finals and match for third place will be played until three wins (if there are three draws, then fights will continue until first victory, or victory will be gained by team that have most wins to this moment).

  15. For failure to appear for battle or being late for more than 10 minutes, a technical defeat may be implosed.

  16. If team member is disconnected from the game - team must continue the battle, except for situation from next point of rules.

  17. If member of a team is not present within 1 minute from match start (disconnected from game, failed to enter the match) - team can request to restart battle or to replace player using reserve members.

  18. Server location is determined by administration. Administration will try to make equal conditions for both teams.

  19. For incorrect behavior of individual players of teams, namely: incorrect behavior in address of another team, spectators, streamers or commentators of tournament; unsportsmanlike conduct — player will receive warning. For repeatable violation — player will be disqualified, will lose all rewards and team will continue playing with less people to the end of tournament.

  20. Teams and players who have deserted (disqualified) from tournaments/events, after being registered and respective registration have ended, and also players which was banned by administration of game for violating rules are allowed to take part in this tournament only by tournament administration decision.

  21. Insults to participants or members of the administrarion, as well as attempts to sabotage (in any form including the dissemination of false information slander) will lead to the maximum degree of punishment (suspension from participation). This item takes effect from the moment the tournament is announced and until awards are issued.

  22. After the tounament closes, players participating in the tournament are allowed to change their game status.

  23. Administration decisions in any disputable/questionable situation are final.

  24. All other rules are stated in the general rules of cyber activities. In any questionable situation tournament rules have top priority.







  I place:

15.000 Galactic standarts


II место:

10.000 Galactic standarts


III место:

5.000 Galactic standarts


IV место:

2.500 Galactic standarts



The top five players who have killed the most opponents will receive two titles “Killer” and “Death”.



_ The opening team receives a week of premium and 1500 Galactic standards. _


_ The symbolic team of the tournament receives any painting to choose from except for those that are in the set “Lunar Race” and the coating “Plate Steel”, “Golden Dragon”. _


_ All teams get the opportunity to add unique stickers to their corporation. _

_   _

_ The first three teams receive unique weapons: Positron destructor, Turbo phase, ARC II,“Emperor’s Gift” Laser, Champion laser, Champion Converter. _

_   _

_ All tournament participants receive 200 distinction badges. _

_   _




**  Each team member receives an award**

**  Prize pool may be expanded.**



Tournament Administration:

  **  Mzhelskii**

  **  Suigintou**


 • App1eJack

 • sugar01

•  SLy