Major FPS drop in Abandoned Complex

I have no problem with other maps, with all I have usually 50-60fps. But when I get matched to abadoned complex, its fine until I rotate towards that Saturn like planet on skybox, fps drops down to 20 that makes me very easy target due to slower turning. Workaround is avoiding flying outside and stay near wall inside complex.

System specs

GF 540m (laptop)

6 gigs of ram

Some Dual core laptop Pentium processor.

Win7 64bits.

Gfx settings al set to Low. Even invasion maps gives more fps that this.

I always have 60 fps with vsync on, but I agree this map does lower fps, I go from 60 to ~50 on that map only.

Some screenshots



Looking at inside wall



After rotating 90’ left


Well, this is a FPS drain map, and annoying for players who have not the best graphics, i’ve 120 FPS on normal maps & 80-60 FPS on this one, it’s still enough but a big different.