Maintenance training: Ships


In “Maintenance training” the Command tests your skill and knowledge! In order to survive in Precursors Sectors our pilots must have a sharp logic and knowledge about the ancient history of space conquest!

Training task : You must figure out what ships are on the pictures and then submit answers in the form below!

Warning! Please do not post answers in discussion topic.

Answers submission and winning criteria** :** Answers are to be submitted in this form. Winners will be the first five pilots who give more correct responses, faster than anyone else.

Operation time limits : operation begins with maintenance.

Debriefing : in three to four after the maintenance.

Remember, pilot, complaints will only be accepted within 4 hours after the operation. If you have any complaints, you can contact a representative of Fleet Command, call sign [Antibus](< base_url >/index.php?/user/240886-antibus/).

Rewards list:

Prize pool:

  1. 100 000 Free Synergy
  2. 90 000 Free Synergy
  3. 80 000 Free Synergy
  4. 70 000 Free Synergy
  5. 60 000 Free Synergy

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