Mahups and problems with multiple errands in one sector

It appears the errand system starts to behave strangely when player has 3 (or possibly even 2) errands in one sector.

Sorry for the scrambled desription, but i am not exactly sure what happened myself, and i doubt i can reproduce it due to it’s random nature - I apparently had 3 errands in a single sector (Mining Site). Upon enterance, mission name “elimination” and coresponding pop-up text box appeared, however the description read “destroy cyber tracking station”, which is a description for “deconstruction”. When I arrived to Tracking station it didn’t have an exclamation mark and destroying it did nothing. A minute later i found a “mercenary” NPC, which had exclamation mark over it, and destroying it completed the quest.

post-251863-0-11699100-1413486366.jpg post-251863-0-06236300-1413486376.jpg

Without killing anything else, i returned to the station, the return report showed that i completed two errands - “elimination” (as far as i can remember, it requires 3 or 4 cyber kills, which i didn’t do) and “interception” (killing the “mercenary”)


after that i still had the “deconstruction” errand, which proceeded normally this time.

post-251863-0-25863500-1413486705.jpg post-251863-0-44238700-1413486706.jpg

I think i got rewards for all 3 errands, but i can’t be sure, i don’t remember precisely how much money and synergy i had before doing the errands. At the time i still had my daily quest and another errand in “Transport hub”

PS. The horrible screenshot quality is caused by me playing on 640x480 (had to rewrite it in a config file), due to playing on VERY low-budget PC.