Maelstrom dreadnought not present in our Corporate Shipyard when docked

Bug report:


1.) Our dreadnought is fully constructed and equipped with all T3 modules on it. It is docked. Upon arrival to Corporate Shipyard (Empire - Maelstrom) it was not present there.

2.) I expected to see a dreadnought, while it is docked.

3.) Normal conditions, in Invasion mode. We currently own [ESB] Maelstrom dreadnought, while it’s docked. It’s invisible!

4.) There are actually 2 issues here. When our dreadnought was fully constructed, it was present, but still under construction phase 4, even when that phase finished long time ago and we were building modules.

5.) Always.

6.) Will be provided below.

7.) Whenever you want this, you can see it. We do not see our dreadnought in both cases. While it’s away - anchored in some sector or docked.

8.) Not necessary.

9.) Not related.

10.) Not related.


Screenshots: (fully constructed and fully equipped T3 Maelstrom dreadnought)





Thank you, Skula1975

Is this a double?

Is this a double?

Yes, it is.

will be fixed in the next update

will be fixed in the next update

It was fixed long ago.

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