Lvl 10 playing whith 11 and 12 Disbalanced or what?

Lvl 10 vs 11 and 12 lvls is it balanced 


The point is that u start IV tier. U start with nothing of IV tier in your wearhouse. And need time to collect resources. But u fight with lvl 12 mostly and lvl 11 thats are already full loaded as Rambo. They have full upgrades of all ! so u no. And when U fight them its almost a bit of hard, some fights u cant win.


1 Some ships have sheld regen whith modules more then your dps. So they immortal to You.

2 Some can 1 shot u fast or 1 attack. U cant do it so fast. U need a very long time to destroy them.

3 pve is not so funny 2 cuz u have very low health.

4 Premium ships at this way … so u better dont meet em. U can only do last shot sometimes with help.


Of course we like when it Hard.

And it is Rpg system we loves it but


Does it balanced???


Imo Lvl 10 is out of the game.

Sometimes I was 1st but a lol of times finish whith 0



So Every soul in this Galaxy knows Master Shapard  as Captain Killer, Damage maker, Mighty atacker, Da Beacon Hunter, The Captain!

But now i must sit like a rat in defence and wait like I am reserve weiter >< ARRRRRRRR!!!


Yes, it is a bit harsh at first. At least now you have green kits from tier 3. In the good old days, I remember my first games in the Prom fire with everything white and a really bad build. Fun times…


Anyway, they are going to introduce rank based MM, which will eliminate the tiers and leave only ranks as a MM tool. So as a rank 10 you will only meet rank 9 and rank 11, and you will be top of the chain food sometimes.


Which is nice.

Its funy 2 was on bottom u need 2 find new ways 2 win. Play extra safe.

But that was so Coreeeeeee :014j:


R10 compared to R11 and R12 is far more balanced than R7 compared to R8 or R9. R10 ships are only missing one passive slot which R11 and 12 both get. R7s however are missing 2 passives and 1 active module from what rank 9 gets (1 passive and 1 active from rank 8).


Imo, T4 is the most balanced tier. The lack of gear will be prevalent starting in any tier, but like Evisc said, you can get T4 mk2 kits from T3 pvp, keep those and use them to upgrade your stuff in T4.

Being a T4 regular myself, I understand your struggle against purpled-out R11/R12s. However, the reason why I like this tier the best is because it is the most balanced, as Dirk stated.

I myself had mostly all green ships when I started being a T4 regular. It was an uphill battle, granted. But my point is that purple modules will not be the reason why you will win. Sure, the efficiency of the modules will marginally increase, but a good pilot will be able to use green tier modules and still carry a team. The knowledge of when to use what module, your threat assessment, and your performance under pressure ultimately decide how well you do in battle.

To put it simply, an Ace in a P-51 Mustang will most likely win against a greenhorn pilot in a F-22 Raptor. Just because he knows how to use his plane the best.

My Suggestion is to keep playing in T3 a bit longer. Sometimes you will get some T4 upgrade kits which will help.

Also keep doing the daily open space mission(s) for some nice Synergy on your T4 ships.