LUX Throws In Towel


So is this supposed to get them punished or something?

So is this supposed to get them punished or something?

“supposed to” I thought I saw something in the rules of conduct about anti-competitive behavior but I do not honestly expect follow through.


No, this was for poor RUSIK who hung in there.

btw what recording program do you use?


EDIT: does it record your voice automatically as well?

OBS all the way every day

Yes it can auto magically record voice.

Open Broadcast Software

Ok cuz bandicam doesn’t allow you to record your own voice. It only records audio emitted from the computer. It’s wierd when you listen to a video and there is only one person talking but you are missing half of the conversation.

One more question. Does it require administrator permission every single time you start it? Raidcall and Bandicam ask every single time for admin password… It’s very annoying.

Nope, no admin permissions needed unless the thing you are recording has them.

I doubt RUSIK will ever see this tribute since he is Russian, and hang around Ru forums, and for punishing, there is a “report” button for a reason

Well then much like Celine Dion, my heart will go on without him.

Wow. They D/C’d before the match had even begun?


That’s sad.

I keep listening to this. Lammergeier’s voice is nice.

If you like that, you should check out his ode to creamy sauce

Please use the in game report button.