LRF problems

After the recent change in LRF damage there seems to be a number of problems, regarding the balance:


  1. Does the snipe deal 29.700 points to a destroyer? Or is it multiplied by 2,5 like other type of damage? If this is the case, 29.700 x 2,5 = 74.500 hitpoints / shot. That would mean a sniper can take down a dessie from 2-3 shots. That is normal? Or is it a bug?


  1. The static shield has 50.000 hitpoints. If a LRF deals 29.700 that would mean 2 shots. If it’s 29.700 x 2,5 a LRF can one-shot a shield.

That, now at least, is NOT affected by the stated damage of the LRFs. Anyone can check this.


A very bad scenario that happened recently: the dessie pilot deploys the shield, you snipe it 5-6 times (!!??). By the time you destroy it - glad that you can finally hit the SHIP, the countdown is over and the dessie deploys another static shield. And this goes on and on. You can’t simply hit the destroyer because of that shield.


Is this a bug? Or was it designed like this?


  1. Very clear and visible variations in damage-dealing. One destroyer dies after 3-4 shots, other dies after 7-8. Please do not tell me about resists or hull size, this is about the damage dealing. You simply have the feeling that every player deals various DPS with the same LRF…