loyalty lost

sorry if there is similar topic, but did not found it - its weird that nobody cares about it yet.


whenever you switch factions (tech -> raid), you will lost your current loyalty. example will be the best.


i was in techs. switched to raid when lvl 7 in techs (about 80% of lvl 8). then switched to vanguard when lvl 10 (70% of lvl 11).


now I get back to raid, but got lost all my progress on lvl 11! now I’m in techs again, and already making all lvl 8 from 0%. is this normal? I mean, why do you lost your current loyalty in lvl? just because its called loyalty? cant believe it…


if it will stay like that, you should at least notice player before he switches to another faction. and cut the loyalty immediately after switch, because now it looks like that i’m ok if i switch back to raid, i have 150k/170k (or what are the values, dont remember them), but i will lost it and have to progress again.


its frustrating. 

Never happened to me and I’m constantly cycling through the factions. If you have screenshots proving you had more in one faction that you have now write to support with them so they can check your account, might have become corrupted.

Doesn’t happen to me either

OK if it will happened again, i will contact tech sup. 


lock and trash