Loyalty because they still aren't doing it right

Ok I’ve been playing with this new update, and while the Contract CD’s has indeed been lowered it is still too long.

I understand trying to keep new players from advancing too quickly and everyone getting to metagame too soon putting pressure on the devs to quickly update the content of the game otherwise they lose players but, they are losing players now, server used to have several thousands players on at all times of day/night now it down to almost half that in my timezone since the changes, the faction victories counter on the upper left is also declining too. 

I myself have already been exploring other games even after investing some money into this one, because I don’t feel like grinding 4 30min sub500 loyalty contracts all day and still get nowhere near my goal, kind of reminds me of Aion’s lvl grinding (horrible).

Most people only have 4-6 hours of freetime a day before they go to sleep/school/work/eat, which means much less is spent in game, so what is the point of having 20hr and 7+day CD’s? I have tons of freetime due to surgery and used to play 16+ hrs a day grinding loyalty, but now I rarely play more the 2hrs because I don’t feel like completing the same contracts over and over and get next to nothing for it. With things as they are we can only gain about 30% of a rank if we played all day and arcade actually put us in the right game mode to complete our contracts ( currently rank 7 legion and 3 out of my 4 30-45 min contracts are to capture beacons ans kill beacon attackers, Domination mode only come every 1 out of 10 times @ 10 mins a match is over an hour and a half before I even get a chance at completing my contract) so on average we can optimistically look at maybe 10-15% per day if we still played all day WITH LICENSE which to be honest isn’t happening.


But enough about my gripe, here’s my proposed solution:


1)20hr CD’s should be 2hr CD’s just because not everyone will play in intervals that long anyways stopping everyone from advancing too quickly and even then those contracts are only 3k-5k loyalty WITH LICENSE which is less than 1% of the loyalty needed to rank up at rank 7+


2)7+day CD’s need to at most 24hr CD’s those contracts are about 5-9% of your rank up and 5% per week is just not reasonable, 


  1. If you really want to keep those unreasonably long contracts, then give us more contracts @ rank7+ because we only have 4 30-45min repeatable 450 loyalty contracts which is less than 2000 (0.5ish%) every hour (for the empire/legion subfaction)


::EDIT:: or lower the amount of loyalty it takes to rank up being as it’s 2 sub factions per main faction why not half the required loyalty to rank up or at least reduce 25-45% of current rate for subs so that sub factions rank up slower but not to the point that people get rank 15 with all the main factions and only rank 5 with subs, growth is too imbalanced…

I’ve mostly given up on trying to get the devs attention on this topic.


Instead, I’ll now just not pay them a single cent until they fix loyalty gains.

They dont care for our opinion, but they do care for our money. .