Loyalty And Premium time.

I’ve been playing Star conflict for on and off a few weeks now and I noticed something that is bothering me more than it should.

Correct me if I am wrong but as I understand the level 1 Contract for any faction rewards 900 loyalty.
Now I’ve recently bought the 50 dollar pirate package giving me a permanent 10% increase on loyalty and synergy.
I’ve also added 3 months of premium time. 
By my calculations I should be earning 60% more loyalty. However my contract rewards me only 960. loyalty.
That’s not even 10% extra!

So for the discussion of this topic I’d like to know whether this is intended, a bug and/or will be fixed soon…
I’d also like to see a bit more detail in the end match score board showing me a breakdown of where I’m getting all my Synergy/loyalty/money is coming from and what/where bonuses are applied.

I love this game to bits and it has a really promising future. This is so far the biggest Issue i’ve come across.


Herr Panzer Magier


You get 600 loyalty for the first contract without any boost.

The license gives a 50% boost: 600*50%=300. The permanent bonus gives a 10% boost: 600*10%=60. Final value: 600+300+60=960.



Thanks for help! I guess I got my numbers wrong. I tried checking with some of my buddies but they had 960 as well so I naturally assumed.