Low resolution texture in Invasion, Empire - Scrapyard (destroyed ship debris - engine section)

Bug report:


1.) Low resolution texture (black texture, because of very low or corrupt texture).

2.) I expected to see a full resolution texture, since my graphical settings are set to high - maximum.

3.) Normal.

4.) Invasion mode, Empire - Scrapyard. All the ship debris with the same section have the same issue. I have seen at least 2 of them, but there could be more.

5.) Always, in all cases.

6.) Provided below. Just approach the location on the screenshots. There could be more than two, because some ship debris are using the same resource.

7.) Irrelevant.

8.) Not relevant to the issue.

9.) Not related.

10.) Not related.


6.) Screenshots: (2)






Thank you, Skula1975

not a bug

not a bug

So low res textures are intentional?


So low res textures are intentional?


Of course they aren’t…


This thread can be closed, then.