Low Graphics Crash

Played the game for a short while, attempted to turn the graphics down to low to see what it was like. Immediately crashed when i hit the apply button with the low graphics default option selected. Will attempt to recreate.

First error: This is what appeared in the error box. ( should of just took a screen shot i know lol)

Assertion failed error : caused by turning graphics down to default setting low.

Module: C:\Program Files\Star Conflict (beta)\game.exe

Source: .\RenderTarget.cpp(38)

Owner: Goryh

Message: Cannot setup multiple RT

Assertion: ‘0’

pressed OK

game shut down as normal


successfully was able to recreate

[low graphics error.bmp](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2944)

Thanks for your report and happy piloting :01212:

Determined source of the crash. Shadows setting = off causes crash. everything else appeared to work as it should.

Thanks for your help, I hope this will help some other players.