Lost Technology. ‘Vulcan’ weapon


‘Vulcan’ is the legendary kinetic weapon from the times of humanity’s stellar expansion. It can be mounted on all frigates of ranks 4 to 15. This is a unique kinetic weapon with outstanding features. Its critical hit chance increases as the weapon heats up.
A transport convoy, carrying cargo from an archaeological site was recently attacked. The discovered ancient object turned out to be a repository of old tech from the times of humanity’s stellar expansion: weapons, vehicles, modules and terabytes of project documentation.
It is said that the excavation is headed by a special expedition from Erebus System. According to rumours circulating among the mercenaries, the expedition was very difficult and risky, but researchers believe iridium can breathe a new life into these forgotten technologies. The black market already has parts of ‘Vulcan’ weapons from the attacked convoy and, judging by the strong demand, the hopes for ancient technology are justified.
Deciphering all of the data will take some time, but the unique legendary weapon ‘Vulcan’, which can be mounted on all frigates is available to all pilots right now. During decryption of the data obtained in the expedition engineers promise to recreate not only the weapons or active modules, but also the ships themselves,whose blueprints were lost in ancient times.
Complete special Broker missions, get the legendary weapon ‘Vulcan’! Technologies are available for a limited time: get them until 06:00 UTC April 17!

Yours faithfully,
Star Conflict team