Lost my free name change

I had a free name change (as everyone else), as the first. Then I lost my name, because someone didn’t like it and reported it. It says that you should get a free one when this happens, and I changed it to something not offensive for free. But now I don’t have my original free one.

If you encountered a troll report, then simply ignore this. If your username actually contains something wrong, then you should speak with the mods here like error, akaurl or gekaler.

Actually just go ahead and speak with them anyways.




I hope you get your name back, though.




I hope you get your name back, though.

He should rename himself to: Fasz - D i c k.

That would clear out the issue, since it could also be a name.

There’s nothing wrong with the name D i c k!  It is a very common name!  Although those people tend to prefer to be called Richard for some unknown reason… I wonder why the forum bans it?





Thank me because you learned something today :slight_smile:

the google translate is not the best for the hungarian language.


The fasz is a rude word in hungarian. The word itself means xxxx but we use it like “idiot f*ckin a**hole”.

Te egy f*sz vagy. =  You are an idiot f*ckin a**hole.


To be honest I always found it funny somebody use this as a name for himself.

I had a secondary account called “Negro”, what also become renamed, since somebody found it offensive.
I understand it, but the negro is my favourite sweet from my childhood…

Here is an article about it:

im am highly offended by you all using up MY air IM breathing, please report yourself! its a racist and discriminating!

(people are so patheticly weak and overly sensitive these days… *puke*)

Please contact me via PM here on the forum regarding this issue.