Loss of Galactic Standards upon manufacturing the 'Albireo'

  1. Upon manufacturing the ‘Albireo’ ship I lost a large amount of premium currency.

  2. To only lose the materials and currency shown as a requirement for the ship.

  3. Purchased the ‘Deluxe pass’ and proceeded to manufacture the ‘Albireo’ ship with all the required components.

  4. Before making the ship I had 15,401 Galactic standards - after manufacturing the ship I was reduced to 4,501 Galactic standards.
    The ship only required the 4 unique components, 12,000,000 credits, 4 engine packages, 3 reactor packages, 3 deflector packages, 3 exterior structures and 3 computing systems. Other plays have lost various amounts of galactic standards as well after manufacturing the ship.

  5. Always.

  6. Attached and linked.


1sM2gHw.png OVJ2kh1.png

  1. Between the times of 3:51.10PM on the 27th of January 2022 and 3:52.23PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (+10 GMT).

  2. Not required.

  3. Not required.

10 Not required.

[Gs loss logs.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=21699&key=c308c92b7bf9c67072a5d57739581c7a)

Uh well this is awkward - after I made the report I found I had a large amount of GS added back to my account as compensation.

Known issue, must be fixed