Looting Screen issue - it does not provide the full list of salvaged components

Bug report:


When you salvage an item in PvP or PvE, such salvaged item will ONLY show the amount of Iridium gained, but NOT ALL the rest salvaged resources from such item.


Such resources are:

Screened Battery

Processing Block

Computing Chip

Metal Blank

Graphite Plate

Osmium Crystal

Pure Silicon


4 screenshots presented for a demonstration.


Screenshot 1: (daily purple spot -  Tier V Mark 4 item in this case)



Screenshot 2: (I selected salvage yourself option)



Screenshot 3: (I get a question, if I want to do this)



Screenshot 4: ( source of this bug - the rest of the given components from a salvaged Tier V Mark 4 Particle Purge Kit are not written on the list, even when they are stored in the hangar )





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Ive always thought that mk4 modules/upgrade kits only give iridium (they show iridium rewards only when salvaging in hangar).


EDIT: OMFG! now i know what whas the mysterious source of many resources after doing PVE!!! :008j:

logs and exact local time needed

logs and exact local time needed

I will use today’s daily purple T5 PvE mission to provide logs.

logs and exact local time needed

Skula1975, it is the problem with immersion, but it could also be viewed as a bug.

We get the resources, they just aren’t shown directly from the looted spot (except for salvaged Iridium).


There are 2 ways to fix this problem.

Add this information below salvaged Iridium, which may be a problem, since the resource salvage changes weekly.

The best option would be, just to remove such info (including with salvaged Iridium).

Instead, it should be shown in the top right (bottom) corner of the screen, to avoid confusion.


Logs are here:


I salvaged 1 Daily Purple Mark 4 Kit from 1 daily purple spot. (Coating Polarizer V Mark 4 Kit - daily purple - 25 Iridium, Shared Cooler IV Mark 4 Kit, selected to salvage such item for 15 Iridium)

The rest of the details from salvaging were not provided.

All the details can be found in the logs.



Time zone: UTC +1

Time stamp: In the logs

Maybe, we will fixed it in the future

Maybe, we will fixed it in the future

Okay, but there is one thing you can change which is easy and fast as well.

Notification in the hangar screen, when you salvage modules could just be shown in the same place, from in-game looting screen directly, or at least, it should be moved to the middle of the screen (changed location).



Please, do not ignore or forget about this. :slight_smile: