Loot - random items?

i am wondering what happens to the random non-equippable items that are looted at the end of a winning match. i thought that they were automatically sold and added to credits which would explain why the end match screen posts my total credits as so much higher that i know them to be even including the ones i just recieved, but then back at the hanger it is back to what i knew from prior plus winnings minus repair and reload. some but by far not all of these items include:optical chips, composite armor, stabilized coils, iridium cores.

The non-equipable items should be sold and the other items can be used to equip your ship.

they should be sold by us or are automatically sold and credits awarded. the after combat winnings screen seems to reflect that they are sold but those credits awarded do not seem to make it back to the hanger screen. for instance the after combat screen may say that my total monies is 200k but back in the hanger i only have 140k- after 20k i repairs and no reloads bought that would not and do not show on after combat screen. and if they are to be sold by us, where do we find them? i have looked at overall list of warehouse and have never seen any of them.

I think they should be sold automatic, but I will make some calculations when I am back home.

as of 5.0 patch the items seem to be automatically sold and credits added to total.

/fixed and closed.