Loot handling

I just had a goddamn idea…I will let to the devs the choice if we can take back cargo in space from hangar. The system I describe now works in the both ways.


Considering trade WILL be used in corps, and is already in use in some way, why not center the trade on them ?


Imagine small trade stations owned by corporations, and a tax is charged to each transaction. There would be spawn points for theses stations, and there would be a fixed amount of neutral trade station with fixed tax, owned by Empire, Fed & Jeri. For the following example of the example let’s say 10 %. When a corp buys a space station (whit sec con influence), it chooses the sector where the station will spawn, name the station, a fix the amount of the tax.


The function of the trade station is to store trades. You press interact nearby the station to open a trade menu. The station can store 15 trades (it’s not a inventory)

  • You create your trade by dragging an object from your cargo.

  • You set the object you want. You can add a second item with the operator ‘OR’. You can’t request credit items, but you can put a credit price (with a roof like 10 times the selling price).

  • Credit items may be sold to the station, but the tax will go to the station’s owner.

  • When a player interact with a trade station, he can fulfill a trade (and getting its counterpart) by drag/drop the item.

  • For each transaction, each part pays the tax :


Cerulien proposes a Tungsten Plate for 84.000 credits. The tax is 10 percent.

Cerulien “pays” 8.400 (raw value of the tungsten plate), so his part of the tax is 840 credits.

He requests 84.000 credits, so the tax is 8.400.

Total of the tax : 9.240.

Cerulien has to pay 4.620 credits to set up the deal.

The buyer will have to pay 88.620 credits to buy th plate.

The corp will recieve the tax in any case. The tax in credit, artifacts or faction vouchers is distributed equally between the corps members.


I predict tax-less station will become PvP nodes.

And the stations should be destructibles, with escort, turrets and cargo drones (payed with iridium ?).

The stations are immune to damage from players from the owning corp. Every one else may attack them (agressor status).

If the station is destroyed, items waiting to be sold are dropped.


I don’t know if it’s a good idea. It should be discussed.

can you do a TLDR version of that?

can you do a TLDR version of that?


tl;dr: Efefay is too lazy to read posts on his own thread.

can you do a TLDR version of that?

what does tldr actually stand for?  I know it means like a summary…

what does tldr actually stand for?  I know it means like a summary…


yeah, but who uses google though nowadays?


so: too long; didn’t read



yeah, but who uses google though nowadays?

Idk, everyone and their grandparents

TL;DR version :


Various stations who behavies as exchange platforms.

Various stations, various taxes multipliers (0.1 i.e.).

Value of the sold object (in faction points, artifacts or credits) + Value of requested object = Value or the deal.

Taxes = Value of the deal * taxe multiplier.


You pays Taxes/2 to set up a deal.

The buyer pays Taxes/2 to finish the deal.


A corp can buy a station + it’s defenses with influence from Sec Con.

Everyone pays the taxes, even the corp members, but benefits are shared between the members.


Thank you for your interess in my silly reflections. :013j:

Can you please do this? PLEASE?!?!?!?!




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Typo or intentional. Half full, half empty. Same difference