Looking to join the Adeptus Astartes

I’m afraid I haven’t been on much, so I haven’t proceeded very far. However, I can provide these stats:


Total kills: 125
Total assists: 82
Win/Loss ratio: 0.77
Skill rating: 1144


My alias in-game is the same as here.

I’m not familiar with the Astartes (though they are obviously Warhammer 40,000 fans), but honestly I suspect that there isn’t much a corp can offer you right now that you couldn’t get from a few friends, or even just patient, careful observation.


your kill / assist count looks quite low, suggesting less than a hundred games played, and likely mostly in T1 / early T2. I’m not a recruiter, but I suspect that most Corps will want to know your hangar - what ranks have you reached with each faction?


I’d also ask why you want to join a Corp. I joined one because I wanted to learn how to fly Tier 3 (back when Tier 3 was a HUGE jump in difficulty compared to Tier 2), and I stick with the Wolfpack because I find flying as a group far more satisfying than flying alone. Again, I don’t know anything about the Astartes, but Corporations tend to have a driving mindset, and you should make sure the Corp’s views and goals coincide with your own - there’s no point applying to a competitive PvP Corp if you just want to fly PvE, for example.

So far, I’ve Rank 4 with the Empire - the Iron Harpy is my highest-ranked ship. Feds and Jericho are both still Rank 1.


Which reminds me, I’ve reached the “contract” where I’m supposed to rank up to Rank 2 with the Empire, but, as I’ve pointed out, I’m already Rank 4. How am I supposed to get through that? Or am I stuck?


The main reason I wanna join a Corp is because I miss Sector Conquest. Back when I was playing almost non-stop (at least a year ago), you didn’t need to be in a Corp to participate in it, but now you do. Sector Conquest seems to be the only mode that offers the Captain game mode, as all that I have encountered thus far in Skirmish is that mode with the beacons, the name of which somehow escapes me.

You need Tier 4 ships to fly in Sector Conquest, and you will be up against the best of the best. My advice is to focus on getting all faction to T3 and getting really good at the game before you even think about SQ.


Also, the missing modes are probably due to T1 now only having one mode. Tier 2 should have all the game modes available, but T3 and up definitely does. Sector Conquest only has one mode - Capture the Beacons.