Looking to join a Corporation

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Hey, I am new to the game, (joined yesterday). I am Level 3 with Empire, and Level 4 with Jericho. I figured the best way to find out, and get better in the game is though a group, so, I am looking to join a Corporation. 


I can be active over the summer, and I am willing to learn more about the game. I would prefer a faction that does not require me to download anything, and I currently have no way to use voice communication. I would prefer a smaller number of people, though I am willing to join Corporations of any size…


Thanks for reading. 


  • Just wanted to add that my user name on Space Conflict is also Hyranic, in case you wanted to message me in game. 

I invite you to look into Dynamo, partner corperation to Dynamis. Link to our website is in my signature.

Hi Hyranic,


We received your application through our website - and addressed your questions in the WolfPack recruitment topic.


I’m not around myself tonight due to social obligations, but if you keep an eye out for Napdar and burnsson, they should be able to help you. Alternatively, I will try to contact you later this week myself. Note that I am in the UK timezone.


Meanwhile, I wish you the best of luck in the game.