Looking to join a corp.

I’m looking to join a corporation. Not gona lie I’m still pretty new, but getting better.
Here’s a  screenshot of my stat page.   

Would be nice to know why you want to join a corporation, where you are from, your timezone and that kind of things. Most of the corps that recruit through the forums are pretty serious (except a couple of them, of course). The more info you give, the better.

In any case, a little piece of friendly advice: It’s too early for you to join a corp, most of them ask/need seasoned players. Besides you won’t get anything special out of it (Sector Conquest is end-game content for Tier 5 ships, full of veteran players). You should keep playing, trying different ships, practicing the game, squading up with random people and making friends, and in time you’ll be ready to join any corp that you want.

Good luck.

Thanks for the advice. Any good ship suggestions?

Try them all up to rank 6. Tier 1 has serious limitations, so you won’t be able to fit the ships in any different way as they come, those ships are meant to be used to learn how to fly, but in Tier 2 you’ll have more choices for weapons, active modules and passive modules. In the end is a matter of taste and what you feel comfortable with.

Ya I got a tier 2 ship ,Fox not liking much thou.

Tier 2 is all about interceptors, it’s the easiest class to begin with. Try that.


Covert Ops and Recon dominate T2, ECM starts getting really good at T3.


Tacklers like the Fox are the hardest class to fly. Avoid. 


Commands start being good in T3 and get better later. In T2 they are xxxx, however. They work well in corp squads. Avoid for now.


Gunships are always good, try learning that. 


Empire line is pretty much the strongest all around, Federation requires a bit more skill, since ships are less durable.


Jericho line has some decent ships, but has it’s own problems, I would not recommend focusing on it for a new pilot.

Alright thanks.